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Re: ContactInfo?

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 11:41:02PM +0200, Karsten Loesing wrote:
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> Hey Nathaniel,
> | In the torrc file is the ContactInfo option.  Here's an example.
> |
> | #ContactInfo 1234D/FFFFFFFF Random Person <nobody AT example dot com>
> |
> | My question is, what format should I put my GPG key?
> That doesn't matter so much. The intention of the contact line is not to
> parse it automatically (previous attempts were not very successful), but
> are read by humans. In fact, it might be better to obfuscate that line a
> bit in order to prevent the bots from collecting your address -- or make
> their "lives" a bit harder. Further, in most cases your GPG key won't be
> used to encrypt notice message to you or verify your mails to us anyway.

Though when we want it, we *really* want it.  :) The short-key format
is usually good enough, though if you want to include a fingerprint or
a long keyid, that would probably be fine.

(A line with a long keyid would look like:

   ContactInfo 1024R/FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Somebody <nobody at example dot com>

You can make gpg emit long keyids rather than short ones by specifying
"--keyid-format long" on the command line.)

Nick Mathewson