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RE: most nodes now "not running" ?

I get pretty much the same from my cached-consensus as well.  I got my 407
"Running" number from a modified torstatus script (tns_update.php) I run on
pickaproxy.com.  Sometime between about 7am and 9am this morning the only
thing that changed for the majority of nodes listed in GETINFO ns/all was
the Running status.  Nothing has been recently changed in this script, so it
is a bit puzzling to me at this point...

However, it is good to hear that there are still this many running nodes !


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> On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 12:19:46PM -0700, Wesley Kenzie wrote:
> > Anyone know why of the nearly 2,000 current nodes, only 407 are 
> > flagged as "running" and the others are not?  This does not seem 
> > normal to me.
> ~/.tor$ grep Running cached-consensus |wc -l
> 1361
> Give me a few more hints?
> --Roger