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Fwd: Logistics of International Policy Restrictions (project liberation)

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From: "Wilfred L. Guerin" <wilfredguerin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 07:10:28 -0500
Subject: Logistics of International Policy Restrictions (project liberation)
To: discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(re imperialist export restrictions)

Here is a simple set of projects to research and review, along with
some case examples of the complexities of liberating an open/public
domain project from NATO restrictions:

Simply put, there are a multitude of poorly written books about simple
technical topics not because a book is better than machine code in a
machine nor because
of the zero profit margin of poorly written text, but because the
freedom of speech and expression in education is not protected in that
which is not a direct form of expression. Machines are a proxy, video
of you typing or singing "semicolon hrt slash slash foo" may be an

Unless someone very very big throws flags on an entire project, which
no UN country can do and the religious institutions of age are
incapable of, the chances of protected escape is close to zero.

Even such simple things like playing with a ball or correlating pixle
vectors and color are notably restricted "especially" in elementary
childrens' education. One can teach theory, but they will destroy your
text and code. One can explain concepts, but never directly suggest a
method. And DMCA says it is illegal to know how a thing works where a
patent unrelated may exist.

Here are some basic examples of what the western govts do to those who
simply expect minor freedoms of intellectual activity:

1: Hushmail.ai (hush.ai,hushmail.com); Intended as a simple
java/script based endpoint encryption and crc for email content,
especially for clients in financial market or hostile (bad isp)
environments, they knowingly moved logistic operations to Anguilla, a
money laundering haven and British protectorate. Though their original
plan was decent (though stoned), their implementation had a few minor
holes. Moreso, their data facilities and Anguilla physical operations
were physically shot up and the humans "molested" by a MI5/6 led
commando military incursion from a patrol/destroyer naval vessel
responsible for the UK caribe. The result: Wrapping a 1 bit encryption
key in billions of layers of encryption has no effect on the 1 bit
null cypher of the email content.

PGP 2.6.2i: Pretty good privacy, public key encryption; It was what it
was, a decent checksum and cyphering varification of content with
general key stamp. Versions priot 2.6.2a were fine, handled
distributed private keys, and were "pretty good"... American company
Computer Associates (ca.com) came along with what appeared to simply
be a very hostile buyout. 2.6.2i build forced a master authority
server (one) and was critically incapacitated with a logic flaw that
never cyphered beyond 55 bits.

New Havenco, (havenco.com) set up in 2000, was a false front by an
american police institution at sealand (sealand.com) and never had a
clue from the start. It was more of an exploration of offshoring after
the deadly hushcom issues, but... well...

https/ssl: Noone ever told you that when a wire is fully compromised,
like your isp between you and you bank, or a radio receiver near an
ethrenet wire, that the "key negotiation" goes bidirectionally on this
same said wire. If the server's encryption was "secure" then NO client
could read it. Etrade (example) and others have cell-pager and time
based hardware key generators they physically distribute to clients.

TOR Authority Server: As with many others, TOR (which got a research
grant from the US State Department for their use) has a good public
idea, a simple mixing proxy, but its entire means of operation was
neutralized by forcing a central single authority server. This one
entity allows all traffic to it to be trapped at any level and thus
instantly identifies both the client and the auth's suggested contact
point.  The result is quite simple, their ability to transport data
without manipulation is neutralized fundamentally.

Leicia Geosystems: This is a good counter example. Leica makes
cameras, cameras need image processing. They made cameras for a
consumer market which simply could not substantiate the NATO
restrictions on color (versus BW) image processing. The americans
refuse to give up their restrictions on BW binary-only data
classification with max 2d planars in optically coherent modes.
Physically, there was no way for a camera to be made with the
restrictions in place. Leica bought out esri/erdas to secure the
fundamental patents which allowed them to DUMP the patent to
neutralize the american NSA seized patent restrictions. They did so
with ranking military orders.

p2p Auth: Your last hope for distribution, even of your poorly written
books, has a problem with american disinformation fronts; P2P
(console) distribution mechanisms are now entirely forced through a
single master control authority. The master authority for torrent
service is their target, by any means of propoganda. (See TOR)

In the case of OSGEO and other intellectual materials, your master
authority is google and sourceforge.

Your ranking master authority is the american run "internet" and its
inherent FCC exploitability.

As their weapons automatically track telecom targets and data
propogation, if they want to destroy the opportunity for children to
play with a toy ball, they will attack and neutralize "threats" at a
global scale with no concern for the lives of their victims.

They just spiked and incapacitated this pda/fone to prevent
propogation of this message. It may take days before freedom of
expression is facilitated and criminal molestations and tampering
reduce. Assuming they do not try to kill me again before then.

Welcome to the western imperialist crown.


-Wilfred L. Guerin

(composed yesterday and blocked)