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FW: controller GETINFO ns/id/fingerprint "s" record

> On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 09:21:20PM -0400, BarkerJr wrote:
> > > What is the criteria for getting listed as an "Exit" node in the "s"
> > > record for the controller interface's GETINFO /ns/id/fingerprint?
> > 
> > You need to have two of these three ports wide open: 80, 443, 6667.
> > No, I don't think it's fair that you have to open 
> unencrypted ports to
> > be given the Exit badge.  But, yes, it's just a badge, and
> people will
> > still use your exit even if you don't have the badge.
> In particular, it's used to try to predict which nodes will
> have most of their bandwidth used in being an exit, in order 
> to avoid using up their bandwidth with relay traffic.  See 
> path-spec.txt.
> yrs,
> --
> Nick

>Thanks.  Anybody know the answer to my other question I posted yesterday?
>"where does the data originate from when the controller GETINFO command is
>used?  Does it just grab data out of the cached* files on disk?  Or poll
>of the directory authorities?  Or something else?"

I am still waiting for someone to help with this question.  Using a
controller interface, when I issue a GETINFO ns/id/* or GETINFO desc/id/*
command where does the response data come from?  Does it just come out of
the cloud from one of the directory authorities?  Does it get read from the
local cached* file(s)?  Does it get calculated dynamically in real time?

I have recently been doing some timings of the controller interface, and
find that on average I can get a response to one of these GETINFO commands
in less than 0.06 seconds, and sometimes in as little as 0.0001 seconds.
However there are times when it takes up to 20+ seconds to get this same
data.  I am struggling to understand what might be going on here...