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RE: controller GETINFO ns/id/fingerprint "s" record

> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 02:19:22PM -0700, Wesley Kenzie wrote:
> > >"where does the data originate from when the controller GETINFO 
> > >command is used?  Does it just grab data out of the 
> cached* files on 
> > >disk?  Or poll one of the directory authorities?  Or 
> something else?"
> > 
> > I am still waiting for someone to help with this question.  Using a 
> > controller interface, when I issue a GETINFO ns/id/* or GETINFO 
> > desc/id/* command where does the response data come from?  Does it 
> > just come out of the cloud from one of the directory authorities?  
> > Does it get read from the local cached* file(s)?  Does it get 
> > calculated dynamically in real time?
> It gets answered by your local Tor process based on the 
> directory information that it has locally. It doesn't trigger 
> any new fetches.

So how often is the local directory information updated?  And if I use the
controller to GETINFO desc/all-recent and GETINFO ns/all and spin through
all the responses, is this sufficient to ensure the local directory
information is as current as possible?