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Increasing Polipo Portability for GSoC 2009


I'll be working to increase Polipo's portability for GSoC 2009,
which starts a bit later this month. I'm happy to have Nick Mathewson
of the Tor project as my mentor, and I'll also be working with 
Juliusz Chroboczek, author of Polipo, to hopefully get some of the
changes committed.

The main idea of the project centers on libevent integration. A number
of other prominent projects use the library, including Tor, and so there
are more avenues for bug fixes. To start with, integration will be basic,
but it will be enough to take advantage of platform-specific interfaces
for polling large numbers of file descriptors, as well as libevent's
portable asynchronous DNS resolver.

Another part of the project is to add a simple controller application
(which will typically be run in the system tray). This is mainly to
enable Windows users to signal Polipo at run-time.

There are some smaller bits I'd like to tackle, as well, including
adding a Windows installer and autotools support for automatically
finding dependencies.

I'm looking forward to the summer.

Christopher Davis
Mangrin Remailer Admin
PGP: 0x0F8DA163