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Re: Nameserver messages on tor's logfile

Olaf Selke schrieb:
> I've seen this with all Linux versions within the last two years. No
> matter if 32 or 64 bit code. I don't believe my nameservers being
> unreachable.

it just crashed again:

May 05 17:42:38.539 [notice] eventdns: Nameserver a.b.c.d is back up
May 05 19:24:20.166 [warn] eventdns: All nameservers have failed
May 05 19:24:20.254 [notice] eventdns: Nameserver a.b.c.e is back up
May 05 19:39:49.350 [err] Error from libevent: event_queue_remove:
0x7fc040aa5668(fd 0) not on queue 1