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Re: ExitNodes for encrypted connects only are not possible. Why?

Karsten Loesing wrote:

> Feel free to configure your node to exit to those 5 ports only. That
> makes your node an exit node for connections to those ports.
> Your node won't get the Exit flag, though, but that's not required for
> being an exit node. The Exit flag is used by clients for path selection.
> Relays with the Exit flag are selected less often for non-exit
> positions, so that their bandwidth is saved for exiting connections.
> That means that your node will be selected more often as middle node and
> less often as exit node compared to relays that have the Exit flag.

Thank you for illuminating this. I will do so.

> It's unlikely that the criteria you pasted above will be changed. There
> need to be some criteria, and if almost every node matches them, the
> flag would be useless.

Ok, but adding one more 'secure' port beside 443 would be enough in this