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Re: Internet censorship in Germany is now official

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 08:56:22AM +0200, Benjamin S. wrote:

> > At least not directly, but their operators could be more prone to be  
> > implicated in some police investigation, because an exit-node IP may  
> > repeatedly appear in the log files of the pages where blocked requests  
> > will be redirected to.
> Operators will not be affected (at the moment) if they don't use the
> DNS-Server of their providers.

For time being. Given how quickly things move now, it's not going to last.

Once the list gets leaked, it would be nice to send a lot of random 
spam to german email addresses with remote images (scaled down to one 
red pixel) to said banned servers embedded. That's going to generate 
a lot of chaff traffic in the logs, and, hopefully, a lot of door knocks 
in the wee hours, and plenty of legal action on behalf of harassed