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Re: GSoC Introduction!

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Kory Kirk wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>     I am a little late on my introduction, but this tardiness won't
> be reflected in any of my work - don't worry. My name is Kory Kirk,
> I just graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Villanova
> University (outside of Philadelphia, PA) last weekend. In the fall I
> will be returning to Villanova to complete my Masters, I am in a
> 5-year BS/MS program. This summer I will be working with my mentor,
> Mike Perry, on adding some features to the TorButton Firefox
> extension. I am really excited to get back into programming Firefox
> extensions. The main features of Torbutton that I plan to work on
> are : tor:// & tors:// protocol handling, better respoofing, and
> precise cookie control, more details can be found here
> http://korykirk.com/GSoC/tor_app.html . I would highly appreciate
> any ideas or feedback you want to shoot my way.
>    This is my first year participating in Google Summer of Code, and
> I am really happy to be with the Tor Project. I don't know what else
> goes in an introduction, so here are a few things about me that
> might be relevant: I am almost always on IRC - on my computer and
> sometimes on my phone (nick: koryk). I am from Dallas, TX, USA and
> will be spending my summer there, and will be in Central Standard
> Time (UTC - 6). I stay up late. I love reddit.
> I am looking forward to contributing to the community.
> -KK

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