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Re: SQL injection

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 10:36:29PM +0200, slush@xxxxxxxx wrote 0.5K bytes in 18 lines about:
: Because it isnt DMCA, but hack attack, is there any "template" for response?

If you're allowed to run Tor/proxy servers on your connection, I
generally have replied with a statement that this is a Tor node, the
first few paragraphs of the overview page, and then a link to the Tor
overview page.  Usually, if you simply explain that you run Tor and
offer to talk to them, that's enough.  The ISP generally doesn't care
enough, they just want to have a response to the person who complained,
and/or to close the ticket.

There used to be a page on the wiki that had some suggestions, but I
can't find it now.

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