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Re: GSoC Introduction! (TorButton)

Hi Kroy!

I'm glad to see work being done on TorButton.  I was the person who came up with the modified TorButton idea with Mike Perry on IRC a long time ago.

I see at your site (http://korykirk.com/GSoC/tor_app.html) you mention   Refspoof.  I have emailed Mike Perry about this before.  I was also the person who suggested to use a referring spoofing Firefox plugin.  But not Refspoof.  I emailed Mike about this because on the TorButton page referrs to Refspoof.  The plugin I oringally informened Tor team about, and the one they refer to, is really "RefContorl" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/953), not Refspoof.  I informened Tor team how RefContorl will spoof the root of the site you are visiting as the referrer.  I do not know if Refspoof has this feature.  To the feature it in RefControl is really easy.  You should look at the code of RefControl, not Refspoof.

I also have a dangerous bug report to tell you about..  If you set Firefox/TorButton to start as disabled and you are downloading a file with Tor and Firefox crashes when it restarts it will continues downloading the file *without* Tor!

I am on Windows XP sp3 with current Tor-rc.

I'm loooking forward to you work!