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[GSoC] Rewriting TorDNSEL

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Hi all,

I'm Harry Bock, one of the students accepted for GSoC under the Tor
project :)  I live in Kingston, Rhode Island, where I currently attend
the University of Rhode Island.  I'm wrapping up my junior year in the
Computer Engineering program, and hope to have my bachelor's next year
and my Master's the following year.

My project this summer is to re-architect and rewrite the Tor DNS Exit
List.  I will be mentored primarily by Sebastian Hahn, and arma and
atagar have mentioned they might jump in to help out as well. My goal is
to have a complete specification and reference implementation for a new
exit list tracker and query interface.   This project will depend
heavily on SoaT to help verify the honest of exit nodes, so I look
forward to working with John Schanck to take advantage of improvements
made  to SoaT over the summer.

My complete proposal is available at
http://spanning-tree.org/tor-gsoc.html if anyone would like more detail!
 Tentatively, I will be posting updates about my progress on my website
at http://spanning-tree.org/tor.

I'd like to thank the Tor developer community for giving me this
opportunity to work with such a vibrant community, and I look forward to
spending my summer hacking for the Tor project! :)


p.s., if any students need hosting for their project blogs, I am more
than happy to put you up on spanning-tree.org.  Send me an email and
I'll get you hooked up!
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