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Re: Washington DC Exit Node?

Andrew De Souza schrieb:
> Are there any working exit nodes with an IP address in Washington DC?  I
> have looked at http://torstatus.kgprog.com/ and found no DC exit nodes
> (there is one Washington State).  However, rather than manually checking
> every single exit node from USA on ip2location.com can some one please
> tell me if they know of a DC exit node

according Maxmind's geoip data currently "Bigbooty" is the only exit
node located in Washington DC.

Just have a look at my Kraut-tech tns site
http://torstatus.blutmagie.de, filter to exit "yes" at page's bottom,
view html source code and search for Washington". (ctrl-u and ctrl-f in

In normal browser view hovering the mouse pointer over a router's flag
shows a tool tip with city and country code, and left clicking the flag
opens the location on openstreetmap.org.

regards Olaf
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