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Re: opening up (exit policy) a bit ...

On Sat, 8 May 2010, Dyno Tor wrote:

Let's say you run a tor relay with no exit policy:

reject *:*

And then later you alter that exit policy a bit:

accept *:80,reject *:*


What do you mean, not an exit node at all? As long as the Tor
process receives a HUP signal or is restarted to notify it of the
config changes, it will become an exit.

Because he has reject *:* first, it won't even look at the commands
later.  First matching command wins.

No, you misread the original - I am saying that I first have this exit policy:

reject *:*

and then I replace that exit policy with:

accept *:80,reject *:*

So I am indeed an exit...

This is totally incorrect. Tor uses exit nodes in the middle and possibly
even guard position, depending on flags and general scarcity of

Ok, that was the answer to my first question. My follow-up questions were:

If that is the case, is the distribution random ? Or is there some expected ratio I should see between non-exit relay traffic and port 80 exit traffic ?

Have I complicated that ratio by having a very restrictive exit policy, or doesn't that matter ?

(FWIW, I picked port 80 just as an example)
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