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Re: Network Status Reports

Both are neat features, we should include them in the next release of TNS.


Zitat von Olaf Selke <olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Jon schrieb:
I am just curious as to why of the known mirror's that show the
network status reports, why there is such a discrepancy between
blutmagie reports and the others?

Is  blutmagie  using a different config in reporting than the others?
It appears  blutmagie  numbers are a lot lower than the other mirror
reports as far as I can tell.

you are right. Blutmagie uses a different bandwidth calculation using
average bandwidth values instead of peak load. I've adopted some code
written by Kasimir Gabert from his tns 4.0 trunk version.

Btw Kasimir's trunk tns site http://trunk.torstatus.kgprog.com uses the
same calculation like blutmagie.

This algorithm fulfilled Roger's wish #2 from his wishlist posted on
this list two years ago:

There are two other non standard tns 3.6.1 gimmicks introduced on Blutmagie.
1.) Hovering mouse pointer over the a flag shows the city as a tool tip
and clicking on a flag opens router's location in Openstreetmap.

2.) In table "Aggregate Network Statistic Summary" at page's bottom
there's a row "Total Bandwidth of displayed Routers". If you narrow down
your choice of displayed routers for example by required flags exit=yes
it will display the total sum of last 24 hour average sustained exit loads.


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