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Tor on the iPhone

Topic changed to stop the old thread hijack :)

On 16/mag/2010, at 11.37, w <waterwaiter@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Fantastic Marco

A few questions:

1) The iPhone, especially the basic 3G model, seem pretty strapped for free resources (RAM and CPU cycles)... How does Tor fare with those limitations? How much RAM does it really need anyway?
I only have a 3gs model, but I got successful reports from at least an iPod touch user, I'd say the hardware is ok to run Tor, at least as a client only: keep in mind the program successfully run as a bridge on a 64mb ram chumby one

2) Is Privoxy/Polipo needed for iPhone apps?
Yes, iPhone os does not support socks proxies in the network settings.
Said that, I only tested tor with mobile safari so far, don't really know if other applications will honor those settings (think so, thought)

3) How does the Tor background process affect battery life?
Backgrounding itself is completely negligent, what affects the battery life are cryptography operations tor will ask the CPU to carry out,

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