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Re: Reducing relays = reducing anonymity ? Tortunnel.

> To be more specific about what I mean by "equal
> resources": suppose that users of system X have 
> 5 relays, and tor has 5 relays, and both
> sets of users used the same bandwidth.  If all 
> users used one 10 relay system instead, the 
> total bandwidth should be similar.

Tortunnel is not a separate network, but (ab)uses existing Tor exits. My
guess would be that tortunnel users - client only - don't think a lot
about adding exit relays to Tor. It's not developed any longer, and I
don't think many are using it anyway.

I agree with Stephen that it's not "per se" a threat to the Tor network.

> I can't help but think that there are indeed 
> other use cases that would greatly benefit 
> from a independent simpler transport-type 
> lower-layer that tor could ride on. 

Have you looked at I2P? http://www.i2p2.de/techintro.html
It for example allows both users and services to specify their hop
length, and uses packet switching instead of circuit switching.

Moritz Bartl
GPG 0xED2E9B44
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