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[GSoC] JTor Hidden Services

Hello Everyone,

   I am doing GSoC this summer with Tor. My name is Kory Kirk, I am a Computer Science masters student at Villanova University (west of Philadelphia); I will be graduating this weekend and then I am moving to Austin, TX a week later. Last year I also participated in GSoC with the Tor project adding features to Torbutton Firefox extension. This summer I will be working on implementing Hidden Service access and publishing capabilities in the Java implementation of Tor, JTor, with Bruce Leidl. In addition, I will be revising rend-spec to reflect the current state of Tor hidden services. You can follow my progress by checking for updates on my GSoC blog, http://korykirk.com/GSoC/2010/, my proposal is also available there. 

  I am very excited to have another Summer of Code with Tor. I look forward to collaborating with people! My irc nick is koryk feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions/critiques of my proposal.