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problem with bridges and a suggestion

dear friends,

china is blocking TOR  more and more strict,
I can't establish a TOR circuit even I updated bridges in config file
of torrc with info retrieved from https://bridges.torproject.org and
email replies from bridges@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
this morning, I got some new bridges through a hidden https proxy and
established a TOR circuit, but after some time, I lost the connection
and couldn't  establish a TOR circuit any more.

from my knowledge to china's blocking methods, I believe they found my
newly got bridges through network traffic protocol analysis, and
blocked them.

so my suggestion is:
use a general protocol for TOR clients to interact with bridges, so
that they can't distinguish the traffic between TOR clients and
so that they can't find new bridges got through private ways.
the general protocol could be https which is encryption protected;
the general protocol could be plain http, if you can encode its
content dynamically and privately, and don't make it display any

by the way, I'm not a native english speaker, please pardon my awkward english.


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