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HTTPS Everywhere Firefox addon

Peter Eckersley of the EFF and I wrote this addon this past week
to make it easier to use Google's SSL search feature, among other
mixed-mode SSL sites:


The addon is based on the NoScript STS/HTTPS forcing engine, with
improvements in how rules are specified. Rules for our addon are
specified as XML files that allow arbitrary URL rewrite substitution
via regular expressions and exclude patterns. This allows us to write
more complete and less error-prone rules than NoScript's
include/exclude model allows.

The eventual idea is to allow an Adblock Plus style model, where users
can submit and exchange rule files and eventually create subscriptions
for the sites they use that partially support SSL.

We also hope that NoScript will share our rule format and update
mechanisms, so that our rulesets will be interchangeable.

Please give it a try and give us feedback. We also will be including
the addon in the next alpha release of the Tor Browser Bundle.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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