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Re: DerAufbruch{,1,2} nodes not in a Family

     On Tue, 01 Jun 2010 02:42:09 +0000 Orionjur Tor-admin
<tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Scott Bennett wrote:
>>      There are three nodes currently listed in the directory by the names of
>> DerAufbruch, DerAufbruch1, and DerAufbruch2 without contact information that
>> are not configured into a Family.  If you wish to have your tor client treat
>> them as being in a single node Family, just add the following to your torrc
>> file.
>Very thanks for your information, Scott,
>It is a pitty that I have read this mail only today.
>Is it useful to include that line in the torrc-file on my tor-node (I
>don't use it as a client) or it useful only for tor-clients?

     AFAIK, it is used only for route selection prior to construction of
a new circuit, which is a client activity.

>P.S. It seems like somebody begin many attacks to the Tor-network,
>DerAufbruch1, perfect-privacy.com...)
     I assume that tor is always under attack, but this sort of thing most
commonly is not intended as an attack, but is rather due to the failure of
some people to read and understand the documentation before using tor.  I
don't see it as being any different from those who hook up their new TV/DVR/
VCR/stereo systems without deigning to open and read the manuals or other
documentation(*) included in the boxes.

* Functional illiteracy is apparently now *assumed* by many/all cellular
  phone manufacturers as evidenced by their elimination of manuals in the
  packages and the inclusion instead of a folded sheet or small, stapled
  pamphlet with basic, often pictorial instructions for a very few of the
  phones' functions and capabilities.  The user is apparently expected
  to figure out anything he/she needs to do with the phone by trial and

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