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[tor-talk] accessing Gmail via Tor revisited

A week or 2 ago, several had quite a discussion on accessing gmail accts (I could not - at the time), creating new accts, verification requests, etc. I believe Erin said (she ?) could login successfully by limiting exit nodes to same country as used when acct was created.

I can confirm that worked for me - at least a couple of times, so far. Once I set the ExitNodes {cc} (where "cc" is your country code) & used the "StrictExitNodes 1" commands in torrc file, I could login to an existing gmail acct. Of course, aside from keeping a local ISP from intercepting ? something from goggle acct packets (or hackers intercepting in transit), there's no secrecy in accessing any acct w/ Tor (ESPECIALLY involved w/ google), unless it was CREATED via Tor. Unless one managed to completely hide their true IP address / country, etc. when creating the acct.

So, logging in isn't the true privacy issue - creating an acct - via Tor - W/O providing a cell / phone # is the issue. I never read any definitive conclusions in the discussion whether new Google, Gmail, YouTube acct could be created (in U.S.) w/o SMS authentication. If you don't have a cell phone, or don't want to give them your cell / landline # (who wouldn't want to???), I never read a consensus of if & how it could be done.

It seemed diff people got diff screens / menus when they were going thru the whole process. Some said they just "by passed" the authentication request screen. Others (like me) weren't given an option to bypass such screens, if trying to create a new acct (w/ or w/o Tor).
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