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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is out!

On May 6, 2011, at 2:30 AM, Jim wrote:

> Nick Mathewson wrote:
>> Changes in version - 2011-05-05
>>  Tor adds some new experimental features, including ...
>>  automatic home router configuration.
> Are you saying the Tor software itself (as opposed to Vidalia or some
> such) attempts to configure routers it discovers?  W/o prompting?  Is
> that a good idea?  If I am understanding correctly that sounds like that
> could cause problems and quite possibly get users of the software upset
> after they get a nasty surprise.
> Am I correct that disabling UPnP on the router is sufficient to defeat this?
> Jim

Tor now has a build-time option to optionally include a helper script that
has upnp and/or nat-pmp functionality. This helper script further needs to
be enabled by setting a Tor configuration option (PortForwarding) to
enable the feature at runtime.

When that option is set on a build that supports it, and the router
supports and is configured to allow upnp configuration, only then will
automatic port forwarding be attempted.

It is my general recommendation to always disable upnp everywhere,
but that's beside the point here.

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