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[tor-talk] Vidalia 0.3.0-alpha is out

Hello everyone,

Vidalia-0.3.0-alpha is out!
We are going to be doing a series of alpha releases in parallel with the
stable 0.2.x to have a wider audience for some changes that are kind of
"core" for Vidalia, or they are really big to put them on the stable
before testing them for a while.

We need more eyes, but I want to be clear about the "alpha" part in the
version. The bundles that were just announced they also have an alpha
version of Tor, the latest libevent, the latest openssl, and so on, not
just this Vidalia release. So be aware of this while running them.

Here's the changelog:
0.3.0   06-May-2011
  o Vidalia has got a new GUI. Instead of separate dialogs, each
    functionality is organized in tabs arranged in a common main window.
    This new tab organization will give Vidalia a generic way of
    organizing the GUI plug-ins that will be available in later
    releases.  Resolves bug 2939.
  o When a Tor instance is already running and Vidalia doesn't know the
    control password, don't ask for the it but rather explain the
    situation and display the few possible choices the user has.
    Resolves bug 2132.
  o Add an option for setting up a non-exit relay to the Sharing
    configuration panel. This is meant to clarify what an exit policy
    and an exit relay are.  Resolves bug 2644.
  o Add a way to reload Tor's configuration without having to stop it.
    Tor can reload its configuration while it is running, Vidalia now
    provides a menu option for that, so, for example, relay operators
    won't be affected by the fact that their relay was down for a while.
    Resolves bug 2724.
  o Reintegrate Breakpad, and make available in other platforms other
    than Windows. Resolves bug 2105.
  o Fix bandwidth assigned to relays on the Network Map. A lot of relays
    are displaying an erroneous bandwidth and since they are ordered by
    that value in the Network Map, it leads to confusion. Vidalia now
    specifies the bandwidth as the minimum of the three possible values
    (burst, average and observed). Fixes bug 2744.
  o Minor change to the checkbox for starting Tor when Vidalia starts.
    It was suggested that the way the phrasing was done was missleading.
    Resolves bug 2806.
  o Add a way to bootstrap Tor's torrc file (copy the torrc to a given
    directory before Vidalia starts) so that packages such as
    Bridge-by-default portable bundles for OSX don't violate the
    directory structure of the operative system. Fixes bug 2821.
  o Add the proper CA Certificates so that the "Find Bridges" button
    works again. Fixes bug 2835.
  o Update the useful links help page. Fixes bug 2809.

Tomas Touceda
Gentoo Developer - Qt, Scheme, Lisp

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