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Re: [tor-talk] Use KiXtart to change identies

From: "Damian Johnson" <atagar1@xxxxxxxxx>

> Never heard of them. If it can talk to the control port to send a
> NEWNYM signal then yes. But in the unpleasantly likely event that this
> is for SEO or the like, please keep in mind that usually a new
> identity != new IP and circuit creation places a high burden on the
> network.

KiXtart is a HLL script interpreter that has been arount for a decade or so.


As for "talking with the control port, I think you mean to communicate with Tor via TCP 
port 9051.  I am not sure I know how to go about that nor do I know what a NEWNYM signal 

I use Tor for malware analysis specifically to deal with GEO IP dependencies and thwart IP 
blacklisting by malicious sites (often you have ONE chance to download malware per POV IP 
address) and I do all my scripting in KiXtart.

Any/All pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Multi-AV Scanning Tool - http://www.pctipp.ch/downloads/dl/35905.asp 

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