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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and are out

El 19/05/11 08:54, Roger Dingledine escribió:
Tor fixes a variety of potential privacy problems. It
also introduces a new "socksport auto" approach that should make it
easier to run multiple Tors on the same system, and does a lot of
cleanup to get us closer to a release candidate.

Tor fixes a bridge-related stability bug in the previous
release, and also adds a few more general bugfixes.

Packages will appear on the download page in the coming days.

Changes in version - 2011-05-17
   o Security/privacy fixes:
     - Replace all potentially sensitive memory comparison operations
       with versions whose runtime does not depend on the data being
       compared. This will help resist a class of attacks where an
       adversary can use variations in timing information to learn
       sensitive data. Fix for one case of bug 3122. (Safe memcmp
       implementation by Robert Ransom based partially on code by DJB.)
     - When receiving a hidden service descriptor, check that it is for
       the hidden service we wanted. Previously, Tor would store any
       hidden service descriptors that a directory gave it, whether it
       wanted them or not. This wouldn't have let an attacker impersonate
       a hidden service, but it did let directories pre-seed a client
       with descriptors that it didn't want. Bugfix on 0.0.6.
     - On SIGHUP, do not clear out all TrackHostExits mappings, client
       DNS cache entries, and virtual address mappings: that's what
       NEWNYM is for. Fixes bug 1345; bugfix on

   o Major features:
     - The options SocksPort, ControlPort, and so on now all accept a
       value "auto" that opens a socket on an OS-selected port. A
       new ControlPortWriteToFile option tells Tor to write its
       actual control port or ports to a chosen file. If the option
       ControlPortFileGroupReadable is set, the file is created as
       group-readable. Now users can run two Tor clients on the same
       system without needing to manually mess with parameters. Resolves
       part of ticket 3076.
     - Set SO_REUSEADDR on all sockets, not just listeners. This should
       help busy exit nodes avoid running out of useable ports just
       because all the ports have been used in the near past. Resolves
       issue 2850.

   o Minor features:
     - New "GETINFO net/listeners/(type)" controller command to return
       a list of addresses and ports that are bound for listeners for a
       given connection type. This is useful when the user has configured
       "SocksPort auto" and the controller needs to know which port got
       chosen. Resolves another part of ticket 3076.
     - Add a new ControlSocketsGroupWritable configuration option: when
       it is turned on, ControlSockets are group-writeable by the default
       group of the current user. Patch by Jérémy Bobbio; implements
       ticket 2972.
     - Tor now refuses to create a ControlSocket in a directory that is
       world-readable (or group-readable if ControlSocketsGroupWritable
       is 0). This is necessary because some operating systems do not
       enforce permissions on an AF_UNIX sockets. Permissions on the
       directory holding the socket, however, seems to work everywhere.
     - Rate-limit a warning about failures to download v2 networkstatus
       documents. Resolves part of bug 1352.
     - Backport code from 0.2.3.x that allows directory authorities to
       clean their microdescriptor caches. Needed to resolve bug 2230.
     - When an HTTPS proxy reports "403 Forbidden", we now explain
       what it means rather than calling it an unexpected status code.
       Closes bug 2503. Patch from Michael Yakubovich.
     - Update to the May 1 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.

   o Minor bugfixes:
     - Authorities now clean their microdesc cache periodically and when
       reading from disk initially, not only when adding new descriptors.
       This prevents a bug where we could lose microdescriptors. Bugfix
       on 2230
     - Do not crash when our configuration file becomes unreadable, for
       example due to a permissions change, between when we start up
       and when a controller calls SAVECONF. Fixes bug 3135; bugfix
       on 0.0.9pre6.
     - Avoid a bug that would keep us from replacing a microdescriptor
       cache on Windows. (We would try to replace the file while still
       holding it open. That's fine on Unix, but Windows doesn't let us
       do that.) Bugfix on; bug found by wanoskarnet.
     - Add missing explanations for the authority-related torrc options
       RephistTrackTime, BridgePassword, and V3AuthUseLegacyKey in the
       man page. Resolves issue 2379.
     - As an authority, do not upload our own vote or signature set to
       ourself. It would tell us nothing new, and as of,
       it would get flagged as a duplicate. Resolves bug 3026.
     - Accept hidden service descriptors if we think we might be a hidden
       service directory, regardless of what our consensus says. This
       helps robustness, since clients and hidden services can sometimes
       have a more up-to-date view of the network consensus than we do,
       and if they think that the directory authorities list us a HSDir,
       we might actually be one. Related to bug 2732; bugfix on
     - When a controller changes TrackHostExits, remove mappings for
       hosts that should no longer have their exits tracked. Bugfix on
     - When a controller changes VirtualAddrNetwork, remove any mappings
       for hosts that were automapped to the old network. Bugfix on
     - When a controller changes one of the AutomapHosts* options, remove
       any mappings for hosts that should no longer be automapped. Bugfix
     - Do not reset the bridge descriptor download status every time we
       re-parse our configuration or get a configuration change. Fixes
       bug 3019; bugfix on

   o Minor bugfixes (code cleanup):
     - When loading the microdesc journal, remember its current size.
       In 0.2.2, this helps prevent the microdesc journal from growing
       without limit on authorities (who are the only ones to use it in
       0.2.2). Fixes a part of bug 2230; bugfix on
       Fix posted by "cypherpunks."
     - The microdesc journal is supposed to get rebuilt only if it is
       at least _half_ the length of the store, not _twice_ the length
       of the store. Bugfix on; fixes part of bug 2230.
     - Fix a potential null-pointer dereference while computing a
       consensus. Bugfix on tor-, found with the help of
       clang's analyzer.
     - Avoid a possible null-pointer dereference when rebuilding the mdesc
       cache without actually having any descriptors to cache. Bugfix on Issue discovered using clang's static analyzer.
     - If we fail to compute the identity digest of a v3 legacy keypair,
       warn, and don't use a buffer-full of junk instead. Bugfix on; fixes bug 3106.
     - Resolve an untriggerable issue in smartlist_string_num_isin(),
       where if the function had ever in the future been used to check
       for the presence of a too-large number, it would have given an
       incorrect result. (Fortunately, we only used it for 16-bit
       values.) Fixes bug 3175; bugfix on
     - Require that introduction point keys and onion handshake keys
       have a public exponent of 65537. Starts to fix bug 3207; bugfix

   o Removed features:
     - Caches no longer download and serve v2 networkstatus documents
       unless FetchV2Networkstatus flag is set: these documents haven't
       haven't been used by clients or relays since 0.2.0.x. Resolves
       bug 3022.

Changes in version - 2011-05-18
   o Major bugfixes:
     - Fix a crash bug when changing bridges in a running Tor process.
       Fixes bug 3213; bugfix on
     - When the controller configures a new bridge, don't wait 10 to 60
       seconds before trying to fetch its descriptor. Bugfix on; fixes bug 3198 (suggested by 2355).

   o Minor bugfixes:
     - Require that onion keys have exponent 65537 in microdescriptors too.
       Fixes more of bug 3207; bugfix on
     - Tor used to limit HttpProxyAuthenticator values to 48 characters.
       Changed the limit to 512 characters by removing base64 newlines.
       Fixes bug 2752. Fix by Michael Yakubovich.
     - When a client starts or stops using bridges, never use a circuit
       that was built before the configuration change. This behavior could
       put at risk a user who uses bridges to ensure that her traffic
       only goes to the chosen addresses. Bugfix on; fixes
       bug 3200.

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