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Re: [tor-talk] password...

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 03:59:25PM +0300, Zaher F. wrote:
> that was ur mistake ...on both of them vidalia and bundle they r using the same port
> 8118 for http / https
> 9051 for socks
> i used Vidalia, now i did run Tor Browser...it works!!,
> also in Tor Browser port changed from 9051 to 8118.

Actually, the original "514 Authentication required" came because the
user configured his browser to proxy to Tor's *control* port, on 9051.
Tor's socks port is 9050.

But the real problem here was that the user was trying to mess with
his proxy settings at all. You should either use the Tor Browser Bundle
(which should just work), or install Torbutton and let it configure your
proxy settings.


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