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Re: [tor-talk] tor/netfilter: packets without uid

On 05/11/2012 11:09 PM, coderman wrote:
> On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 7:52 PM, Jacob Appelbaum <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ...
>> If this is actually the case, I'd say that this is a kernel bug. :(
> some would call it a kernel "feature" to conserve memory space already
> wasted on TIME_WAIT.  not everything is designed around your
> particular use case. (it is not uncommon to find systems with 32k to
> 100k's of connections in time wait state at high throughout. a few
> more bytes each adds up!)

The netfilter uid code is imposing this overhead - I think it's
reasonable to tag and stick with a UID rather than leave it blank.

>> The best bet is probably to ensure that _all_ packets, regardless of UID
>> are sent over Tor and only specific UID's are _excepted_ from the policy.
> this is the better option, and fails safe.


> it's been years and still transparent proxy modes are black magic. one
> day we'll figure this out, right?


All the best,
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