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Re: [tor-talk] Pittsburgh Bombing Threats and Mix-Master

From: "Matthew Kaufman" <mkfmncom@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> I just heard that the University of Pittsburgh's bomb threats had been sent
> in via Mixmaster.  I had never heard of this project until tonight and it
> instantly lead me to think of Tor.
> I had tried using Mixmaster myself but it rejects mail due to an unknown
> source address (eg root@localhost) -- So I was wondering of tracking
> capability of Mixmaster.  Is it traceable?  I may not have my postfix setup
> correctly.
> My last question could this work *with* tor, in combination?

MixMaster sends anonymouse Usenet posts and email.  The amount of Usenet abuse through 
MixMaster is over the top.

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