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Re: [tor-talk] wget - secure?

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Subject: Re: [tor-talk] wget - secure?
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Thanks for these config settings, Does it also leak if I use: >
torify wget http://example.com >

Is this what torify does?

I dont understand what you're asking. Does _what_ also leak? In my http tests [1] DNS and Headers didn't leaked (SOCKS4a and SOCKS5), but, I couldn't test the IP issue with FTP
PORT Robert Randsom wrote about (I'm ignorant of testing methods).
I cant write about torify as I didn't test. But yes, I believe it can be used to 'force' wget through Tor. Whether that would help with the FTP IP Robert Randsom wrote about, I
have no clue, I don't know if torify does FTP.

You can force WGET to use Tor just by using the WGETRC directives

use_proxy = on
http_proxy =

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