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[tor-talk] Pirate Linux 1.5

Pirate Linux 1.5 has just been released. The main OS in the ISO is based
off Ubuntu 12.04. You can also just download piratepack, which is a DEB
package which installs essentially the same features and has been tested
on Ubuntu 10+ and Debian 6.

Download page: http://piratelinux.org/?page_id=2

Features page: http://piratelinux.org/?page_id=15

Get started with this Guide: http://piratelinux.org/?page_id=275

Notable Tor features:

- Tor Web Browser that uses your default Firefox. (Contains the addons
Bloody Vikings, HTTPS-Everywhere, NoScript, Torbutton, websocket disabled).

- Tor IRC. (pidgin with OTR connected to Tor with a random username and
some relevant chat rooms added to list)

- Easily create multiple Tor (Vidalia) instances.

- Convenient access from the boot menu to the Tails Amnesic Incognito
Live System (This method of using Tails is not officially supported by
the Tails developers, and some features such as the USB installer may
not work).

Some future plans:

- Only updates get compiled.

- Gentoo package.

- Pirate Linux Server Edition.

But now, until probably October, I'll be too busy to add new features,
so I'll just focus on maintaining bugs and important updates.

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