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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

On 29.04.2013 21:30, Chris Patti wrote:
Can you stamp them out? No, but can you make it VERY unlikely / difficult
to simply stumble upon them while investigating Tor-space? Yes you can!

And by doing so, you create an environment where people, taking advantage
of the incredibly awesome work folks have done with OnionBrowser, who
aren't necessarily Tor savvy can get a sense for what the system can do and
come away with a positive impression.

For years a French guy has been living, working and fighting the sexual tourism in Cambodgia. There are some interviews with him, some available online. And the story is quite moving. Yet the corrupt authorities have started a trial and he had to flee the country. In other news I find out that although Maroc is an islamic country, a good part of the urban poor get by with prostitution. Men, women, boys and girls. There are no rules. And the hidden camera shows the police ignoring the trade. Some militants say there is no word for pedophilia in the Arabic used in Maroc.

Where are the armchair crusaders when people are doing something to better this world? Would your old bearded man in the sky make it all go away?
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