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[tor-talk] Is using player like VLC safe alternative to Flash?

Question of playing Flash vids comes up constantly & explanation given of why it can compromise anonymity in Tor Browser.

Anyone done real investigation if using some media players, that handle playing Flash content directly from a URL, are any better at protecting anonymity than Flash Player?

VLC player & SMPlayer (front end for MPlayer) - both open source, free - can directly load the video URL from the page you're viewing (assuming have Flash Player disabled or not installed). You may / may not have to click the page / video address, then it's automatically copied into the media player & it handles the rest.

Question is, regarding TBB & anonymity, are these safe enough to protect Tor anonymity? The only circumstance I know of where these 2 players (can't speak for others) would be contacting their servers is to check for updates, which can be disabled by simple settings.
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