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Re: [tor-talk] WebGL forbidden in NoScript but Flash is not?

On 5/8/2013 1:57 AM, Lunar wrote:
Joe Btfsplk:
OK, thanks for detailed reply.  Now that the "adversary" has a
fingerprint of my machine (therein lies the problem - the data being
given out), unless they're the gubment & I'm a bad guy (or living in
a represses society), what are they going to do w/ that info?
This means that the anonymity is broken. Your browser can be uniquely
identified among the others. In a repeated manner, accross Tor circuits,
Tor Browser sessions and system reboots.

For NON gov't entities, in a NON repressed society, does the "adversary" having my "unique browser identity," automatically get them anything? My "anonymity is broken." Are they able to just call up my ISP & demand to know who I am and / or that my ISP discontinue my service? (we didn't discuss if having my browser fingerprint means having my name, real location (home address), my ISP, my real IP address, etc.). I'm guessing no.

If I lived in China or Iran, things would be much different.

There should be REAL WORLD distinctions made on what an adversary can DO w/ the browser fingerprint, based on who the adversary is (that specific is always a "black hole" in Tor documents), where you live & what, if anything, you've done that's illegal in your legal jurisdiction.

How thick safe walls & how complicated the lock system needs to be DOES depend on what's stored inside.
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