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Re: [tor-talk] WebGL forbidden in NoScript but Flash is not?

On 5/8/2013 3:01 PM, lucia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Here's a likely example of what Lunar is talking about. If you visit this
link you will be presented a survey form.

The javascript for that page creates a string listing:
1) every plugin for your browser
2) fonts that match his list of fonts.
3) The screen height of your system
4) the screen width of your system.
5) the timezone offset.
6) a timestamp:randomnumber string.

These strings added to hidden input fields and submitted to the browser
when someone agrees to participate.

The person doing the survey is likely collecting browser fingerprints to
identify duplicate entries by people using proxies.  That person
conducting the research is simultaneously the researcher and a blogger who
has been known to express quite a bit of hostility toward category of
human subjects he has invited to participate in his survey.

Obviously, fingerprints when collected are used for whatever purpose the
person collecting them wishes to use them form.

Thanks for your input, but this thread has gotten way off original spirit of the question. Has anyone / group (incl. Tor Project) researched using, or perhaps modifying, some open source media player to use in or with TBB.
Or, maybe it should be a consideration for the future.

For NON Tor use, playing flash content in a respected player is probably safer than using Flash Player.
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