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Re: [tor-talk] Restarting TorBrowser (not all of Tor)

Val C:
> On several occasions recently, I've visited some buggy Web sites that
> have caused TorBrowser to crash.  This causes all of Tor to
> terminate, because Tor apparently decides that if I've shut down
> TorBrowser (which I didn't, actually, but it doesn't know that), then
> I must not have any more need for Vidalia.  Is there any way to
> restart TorBrowser while still reusing the existing Vidalia process
> and pseudo-IP identity?  Some of the Web sites I use freak out if you
> suddenly move to the other side of the world like that while using
> them.

I've been testing the latest alpha and stable releases and this
problems appears to be solved, at least for me. Looks like the new
stable has just been released:


I'm interested to know if this solves your problem as I have had the
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