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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

> you are.. visiting.. sites on your companies server. I have only
> said that the fact that you do so but wish to keep this information
> concealed from your employer..

This is twice now.. I never said anything of the sort. Nor did I
say people are not free to block whatever they want. And, I know
what sort of bad traffic traverse the net since before Tor and how
many gigs of it I block a month. Sorry your blog got hit somedays,
but don't take it out on those expressing ideas counter to yours
or turn that into bogus interpretations as to what they do in their
online/professional/personal lives.

My advocacy is clear and easygoing: Services should not block users
merely for using Tor, should find other ways to manage things, and
should do so for a variety of very good reasons.

> Lucia added in M-Id: <02B00FD2-57EF-4443-8201-9669C4B33C3C>
> 1) Cloudflare itself diagnoses that a particular request should
> be blocked. ... This could [be] due to past history.
> ...
> 2)... My understanding is that if a sufficient number of users
> block a particular IP, Cloudflare uses that data as part of their
> criteria under (1). These means that, potentially, a Tor IP can
> become blocked at Cloudflare if a sufficient number of users block
> it after a Tor IP tries to hack into their site. Cloudflare doesn't
> know it's Tor. It only knows the IP is banned by many individuals.
> I happen to like that feature and consider this a good reason to
> block an IP even if no one using that IP has tried to hack *my*
> site yet.

> And in: https://twitter.com/lucialiljegren/status/316243078161776641
> [Cludflare User]: Is there anyway to setup blocking of tor exit nodes?
> [Lucia]: Get the IPs here: http://exitlist.torproject.org/exit-addresses
>  Extract them, then submit with Cloudflares API. I do it weekly.

> And in M-Id: <6EEEE23B-0F28-4E9C-8DBD-F64C856C3D97>
> The way Cloudflare works if many people ban that IP, Cloudflare
> may end up giving it a high threat level and depending on the
> security level selected by a cloudflare user, that IP could be
> blocked because its threat level is too high.
> ...
> Tor and comment spam is not a big problem. I have plenty of ways
> to deal with comment spam.

Seems you have good access to your server and are able to process
and block lists of IP's and have ways to manage things locally as
desired without bothering anyone else. But, as earlier above, you
go further and force your opinion of Tor, specifically herein those
of its exits and users that have never done anything to you... down
thousands of other subscribers throats, and against tens of thousands
of Torizens... weekly. The likely majority of whom certainly do not
share your opinion. So while you're busy doing that why don't you
go and *freely block* yourself off this list because you're obviously
not much of a friend of Tor. And after that, figure out how to
linewrap your emails and stop top posting because it's hard to read.

I shall have nothing more to say to you on these and bid you Good Day.
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