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Re: [tor-talk] What are some good VPS providers for Tor?

On 27 May 2013 20:52, Nathan Suchy <theusernameiwantistaken@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I looking for a good VPS provider in the United States for hosting a Tor
> Exit Node. I am considerog linode. My price range is up to $20/month. I
> would like the exit node to have power servers and very faster bandwidth
> (unlimted is a plus). I would prefer to avoid Amazon/Rackspace.

Most lower end VPS (which tend to go up to $20/mo) do not allow exit nodes.
 Linode does not.  Sometimes you can get away with running one on them for
a few months, but they usually shut you down from the abuse emails.  I got
shut down after 10 months on a VPS that explicitly did allow exit nodes
when I asked them about it before I purchased.

Generally speaking, the more Tor nodes are in a single location (single VPS
provider or single datacenter), the worse it is for the network, as it
decreases diversity and increases single points of failure.  If you cannot
find a VPS you can afford to run an exit node on, consider running a bridge
or a relay node on a VPS that (you think) other people aren't also using.

Sorry there's no easy answer,
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