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Re: [tor-talk] Orbot v14 alpha: obfsclient, Tor

Nathan Freitas <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Orbot now supports Obfs3 and Scramblesuit, thanks to Yawning's help.

Great news! Thanks!

BTW, how are obfs3 bridges supposed to be used?

I installed Orbot-v14.0.0-ALPHA-2a.apk and checked the Preferences
menu. There used to be an option called 'Obfuscated Bridges' that it's
not there anymore. I assumed that I just have to specify a bridge, and
then prefix it with the transport name, like you do in the torrc.

So I clicked on 'Bridges' and then inserted 'obfs3 <ip>:<port>' (with
my own <ip> and <port>) and started up Orbot. Unfortunately, I think
that it didn't work very well. In the logs I got:
Adding bridge: obfs3 <ip>:<port>
Setting conf: SOCKSPort=
WARN: Controller gave us config lines that didn't validate: If you setUseBridges, you must specify at least one bridge.
Starting polipo process
and then Orbot bootstrapped directly, without using my bridge :/

I'm not sure exactly why my bridge was not set in Tor. Maybe I'm not
supposed to specify my obfsbridge using the 'Bridges' dialog?


PS: I think the move from the 'Obfuscated Bridges' box is a good
    idea. IIRC, the 'Obfuscated Bridges' box assumed that the bridge
    is obfs2, without even mentioning it to the user, which is not
    good now that we have more pluggable transport around.
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