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Re: [tor-talk] ExoneraTor commandline?

On 07/05/14 16:50, Martin Kepplinger wrote:
> Am 2014-05-07 15:22, schrieb Karsten Loesing:
>> On 07/05/14 15:00, Martin Kepplinger wrote:
>>> hey,
>>> does exonerator have any kind of commandline interface when installed?
>> No, it does not.  But why not browse to localhost and use the more
>> user-friendly web interface?
>> More generally, can you describe what you're trying to do?
>> All the best,
>> Karsten
> repeatedly parse and produce a nicer logfile of auth.log for break-in
> attemts and pass time+ip to ExoneraTor to add yes/no to each line.

Here's an old script that you might be able to dust off and use for your


Note that it comes with no warranty and no support!  (Want to fork and
give this code some love?)

All the best,

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