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Re: [tor-talk] ICANN and .onion

> 1) Has there been any discussions regarding the severity of the problem

Seems not much tech issue here, the tor client treats .onion as special
and funnels the whole thing to the dht. tor will get a new config bitmap
that says 'set priority to resolve .onoin in dht or external first, or remain
exclusive in one', plus dedicating different sockports / portflags to
all those settings. You're protected by circuits so it won't really matter
which one you choose. And onions only have fwd 'A' naming semantics.
If your queries are heavy or not exclusive tor will end up eating
the useless overhead via dht or exits. So try to play nice and stay
off the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion pron sites ok.

Users leaking dns / failing to redirect dns into tor is not a tor problem.

> trademark proof (which we have) and prepare to bid $100,000-500,000

Unlikely we'll ever see a return to Postel style grants/reservations
even if the UN takes over ICANNt. Likely it'll just not be bought
unless some BTC rich cpunk stands up.

Remember, this is partly why there are overlay nets, to avoid such
stupid hierarchies.

> We can do far better things with that money than get a tld.

That's 2 - 10 happily paid coders hacking for a year.

Too bad tld squatting isn't really infringing, you could sue and profit.
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