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Re: [tor-talk] General questions about Tor proxy

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> Some people think the only valid / conceivable form
> of community / comms on the net are 'forums'.
> Well, they're free to set one up.

No pro-forum argument, but one can see why someone would prefer forums
to mailing lists. Some reasons can be clearly identified. And it's true
for other forms of communication.

Now, I'm just curious: when I post something publicly, I *always* want
to make sure it will be available and useful to as many people
interested in the topic as possible. Do you? It's not an attack, I'm
just interested in real attitudes of real human beings.

That said, where do I talk constructively about Tor, and how do I build
connections with people interested in it? I won't post to facebook or
Quora because those are walled gardens. I also will try to post to
where the most-best-top-hardcore experts are. So I end up here.

When we post here, who will read it? How will they find it? How they
will search it? How will it look to them? The fact is: it looks awful,
even in Thunderbird. It's not a matter of personal taste, it's a matter
of exact art and fuzzy science called *design*. It's also hard to
search. Of course, it is searchable theoretically but why on Earth
sould it be so hard when alternatives are present? Archives and indexes
are kept on some unattractive and inexciting pages. It's hard to
control the feed. I wanted to change mailing settings one day, and
simply couldn't do it; lots of people would probably be annoyed by that
and just silently marked the list as spam, or do something equivalently

Everyone is free to post whenever they want, sure. My goal in this
thread is just to make experts think of alternative costs. (Or, rather,
âalternative revenuesâ?)

> No project has resources to run every comm form out there

That's the whole point of collaboration and outsourcing. You don't
really have to run (and even estabilish) community. Some people provide
this feature and make a living out of it. The more independent the
feature of (âthe more orthogonal toâ if you prefer that term) what
you're doing, the more you benefit from using it: you don't have to
deal with work you don't like or understand, you don't have to aquire
special skills, etc. It's the question of combining effort to achieve
the common goal.
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