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[tor-talk] EFF "Who Has Your Back" report

A recent EFF report [0] purports to show that many companies are
becoming more proactive in defence of internet users' privacy.  It rates
companies on how well they protect data from government requests.  This
makes some of these companies such as Google look very good for privacy.

However what the report also does via its omissions is illustrate the
need for Tor.  The report omits to mention so-called metadata, the
information about who comunicated with whom and when and for how long
and where they connected and the size of communication.  Further, it
narrowly focuses on government requests, omitting to consider that
companies may have standing offers to sell data and metadata to
governments or other entities[1].  Makes me wonder if the companies
mentioned are donors to EFF...

[0] Who Has Your Back? 2014: Protecting Your Data From Government

[1] ATT, Verizon, Sprint Are Paid Cash By NSA For Your Private

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