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[tor-talk] Setting up an IPv6-supporting obfs3 bridge?


The [1] page currently does not mention anything about IPv6 at all; after
following the instructions in it, the bridge only listens on IPv4.

If I add an IPv6 ORPort as described in [2], this does make Tor itself listen
on IPv6, but still the obfsproxy only opens an IPv4 port:

May 22 09:27:13.000 [notice] Registered server transport 'obfs3' at ''

How to make obfsproxy also listen on IPv6?

From the state of documentation on this matter it looks like no one needs any
IPv6-capable obfsproxy bridges.

[1] https://www.torproject.org/projects/obfsproxy-debian-instructions.html.en
[2] https://people.torproject.org/~linus/ipv6-relay-howto.html

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