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Re: [tor-talk] German University signs up 24 tor relays

I'm not trying to upset anyone but do we really have to stalk every 
researcher who adds relays? Honestly, does there need to be a report
on  x-number of relays were added, constituting a spike this month to
date? I  mean this purely out of respect for tor-related research
worldwide.  Engaging in tor related research means they have the
ability and mentor  to identify the reason they're not getting x-flag
is because of reasons  ___, ___, and most likely ___. They know
there's resources available to pose questions if their mentor cannot
provide one. Does every tor researcher have to  disclose their
research before it's time? It's a little bit rude to assume they don't
understand the spec.

What if their research involves studying the traffic at an exit. What
if their research involves studying exploits? Yes, I know it's
questionable. This is science and engineering though. As a graduate it
wouldn't be fair to assume there wouldn't be a disclosure of results.
Have they done something wrong that they need feedback. Did they ask
for it (yet)? They aren't responsible as a graduate with a mentor?

If they're a master's student in Germany they'd have to be hiding
under a rock to not know the state of wiretapping by state

A little patience would be more becoming of a not-for-profit
organization that promotes privacy and anonymity. I do research too,
ongoing even, should I disclose everything to date too. Honestly. Let
them be until they're ready.

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