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Re: [tor-talk] Fw: German University signs up 24 tor relays

JS733NknRj6J <JS733NknRj6J@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> for the most part, this is only true only for entities that receive
> government funding.

Completely false. For example, if a corporation funds medical research
at a university, that still requires IRB approval.
Lack of government funding is not some kind of
workaround for lack of ethical review in academic departments that aren't

> Tor is exempt from this because it is only experimenting on the
> entirety of the political fabric of the world and receives no... oh,
> wait.

"The political fabric of the world" doesn't sound like a coherent enough thing
for anyone to reason about ethically. That could mean anything.

Tor's users consent to using it. The proper analogy would be if an
overlay network like Tor somehow forced users onto it without their
knowledge or consent.

And Tor tries to minimize any negative effects on the larger public from people
who didn't consent to using it, even though it has no duty to them--for example,
by voluntarily publishing the list of exit relays.

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