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Re: [tor-talk] What is wrong with TOR, or with me??

"Tor" didn't issue anything, but there is a slight possibility the
problems may be related to "Tor" Browser's security settings.

There are several problems with the site, which have nothing to do with

- The 406 error could be caused by a MIME issue. The document has the
MIME type listed, but the server may be sending something else in the
- The 406 error could also be a firewall exception in Apache from
- The 404 error was most likely a programming mistake, or the
favicon.ico missing - it appears to come from an unhandled exception in
the ErrorDocument.
- Cookies come from freeserv.dukascopy.com, instead of stox-office.com,
which could/should lead to permission issues
- The SSL certificate points to a different domain name
(freeserv.dukascopy.com) than the one listed (stox-office.com).

So I doubt "Tor" is the problem. "Tor" Browser has a lot of security
enhancements and modifications to help anonymity and privacy, but
sometimes these enhancements and modifications make bad websites break

I'm not going to dig deeper into this, but chances are the best bet is
to visit a better site. Sorry I don't have anything better to offer.


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