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Re: [tor-talk] send email through the Tor network

On 5/10/2015 3:13 PM, Cameron Hernandez wrote:
If I use a web email using the tor browser, does that mean the email will be sent through the tor network?

No. Your HTTP session will go through Tor, but the email will be sent unencrypted over the Internet, unless you encrypted it yourself. If you use a webmail identity that is not traceable to your real name (you signed up for the account via Tor Browser without giving any real info) you will have some measure of anonymity.

If you want to send encrypted and anonymous email using webmail, you have to use GPG to encrypt the mail, access the webmail via Tor, and attach the encrypted GPG message. The recipient has to save out the GPG message and decrypt it. Ideally use Tails so your Tor activity is entirely separate from your regular web browsing. Yes, this is a pain.

I'm working on a new private email protocol that specifically supports sending over Tor. If you want to try it:


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