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Re: [tor-talk] Are squid proxies acceptable on exit nodes?

> recently I occasionally get things like depicted in
> https://twitter.com/akrey/status/729677599652380672
> A squid error page that the connection to the remote
> host timed out (here, which is the
> address of www.heise.de which I wanted to reach).
> To me it looks like the tor exit is using a squid
> proxy - is that an acceptable thing to do as a
> relay operator?

Exit relays should not route their traffic through transparent proxies
because that causes problems when TCP ports are not used for the usual
protocols and also generates more logs then there should be.

Also they seem to have timeouts a lot, where other exits are able to
deliver the same sites without problems (maybe their squid is overloaded?).

This one is also using a squid proxy and it is likely operated by the
same entity (see last restart timestamp):


unfortunately we can not ask them if they or their upstream is running
squid since they have no ContactInfo set.

Please consider giving them the badexit flag.

you might also want to have a look at other exits on that AS to find out
if their upstream is running squid.

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